When the days cool down as the sun sets, keep the heat of the summer going by sitting in front of a roaring beach bonfire on Ballard’s Beach.

If you’re looking to change gears and wind down in a different way, there is no better feeling than sitting near a warm fire with your closest friends and family! Bonfires are the best when sitting and talking the night away and sipping on some tasty cocktails. Everything tastes great in front of a fire; particularly when it comes from Ballard’s oceanfront restaurant.  Cocktails taste especially delicious when sitting outside, and they’re awesome conversation starters. Order your favorite appetizer and drink, and have them brought to you as you sit on the beach around the bonfire.

Not everyone is a fan of camping and all the preparation it involves. But who doesn’t love sitting around a crackling fire with family and friends? Not anyone I’ve met. And what’s a bonfire without s’mores? Of course, those are available to delight even the youngest members of your group. For the adults, you get your own tiki bar…now that’s a treat! Ballard’s does all the work of setting up the bonfire and catering a memorable event on the beach. All you have to do is order some munchies and a beverage, grab a group of friends and family, and be prepared to relax and let the good times roll. Sit back, take a few bites, take a few sips, and let the magic of the summer season unfold.

For those already enjoying all that Ballard’s has to offer, a beach bonfire is a fabulous addition to an already great event. Planning a bachelor or bachelorette party? This is a great way to either kick off your event, or wind it down after the party is over. Your dedicated tiki bar means you don’t have to go far to grab refreshments…it’s all there for you right by the fire.

Beach bonfires at Ballard’s are not only a perfect way to spend an evening with family and friends, they’re also the ideal setting to make some new ones. The relaxing atmosphere in front of a hot fire helps you take it easy, let down your guard, and simply enjoy the company of the people around you, whether you’ve known them for years, or just met them on the beach. It’s truly a great time for all ages, and such a fantastic way to wind down after a day on Block Island.

So if you’re looking to make the magic of a coastal summer last even longer, there’s no better way than enjoying a roaring beach bonfire at Ballard’s. A bonfire can be reserved from 7 pm until midnight and there’s no limit to the number of people, so your entire group can enjoy this memorable activity.  Dig your toes into the sand, enjoy the crackle of the fire, the crashing of the waves, and let Ballard’s deliver a summer event to remember!


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