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Beachfront Weddings

Ballard's Beach was made for weddings

A gentle sea breeze blows as the sun warms your skin. Boats bob happily on the Atlantic and glisten like diamonds on the water. The smells of salt, suntan lotion and seafood waft through the air. A lone seagull cries out as the ceremony begins. You step foot onto the soft sandy beach and think to yourself, "This is the moment I've been waiting for...". Ballard's beach offers brides the best of New England in a truly picturesque location. Wedding ceremonies are held directly on the beach with the Atlantic Ocean as your backdrop.

As the only venue on Block Island with private beach access, Ballard's offers a truly unique event to remember.

Stunning Views

Surround yourself with the beauty of the beach at Ballard's.

Picturesque Vistas

The Atlantic Ocean is the backdrop for wedding ceremonies on the beach.

Surround yourself with the beauty of the beach at Ballard's.
Ballard's offers a complete package for your Beachfront Wedding.


Begin your beach wedding celebrations with a flawless rehearsal

Eat, Drink and

Ballards Wedding Bachelorette Parties
Enjoy the's all about you!

All About

Enjoy the flames and company at the beach bonfires at Ballard's Beach.
Ambience only a beach wedding provides.


Experience a Block Island Tradition

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