Years ago I made my first trip to St. John in the USVI.  It was life changing.  I fell in love with the island and it’s casualness.  On St. John I felt free to capture the sun and explore the island beaches one day after another.

Years later I would make my first trip to Block Island.  It’s funny how Block Island resonated the same feelings for me as St. John.  It is casual and beautiful.  I go to Block Island and I want to soak up the sun and explore.


The first time I visited Block Island, we of course took the Block Island Ferry, and the moment we stepped off the ferry we turned left and headed to Ballard’s for a cocktail on the beach! I remember spending countless hours there soaking up the sun with a cocktail and having lunch while gazing out at the ocean and all its glory.  It was breathtaking!

In years since my first trip to Block Island I have returned many times and as a New Englander I feel I spend winters dreaming about when our New England summer will start and when I will hop my first ferry over to Block Island, hang that left and spend the day at Ballard’s Beach.  I love to get there when they open, rent a beach chair and umbrella and let their fabulous staff cater to my every need all day long.  I feel this is the perfect beach day and the perfect place. The biggest decision for me at Ballard’s is should I have the fun drink in a pineapple or an organic banana mudslide and if I want the cold or hot lobster roll.  I look forward to making this “big” decision as I sit on the beach with my toes in the sand, sipping a cocktail, starring at the Atlantic Ocean and wondering when I should cool off in the crisp salty ocean water on Ballard’s private beach.

I can’t wait for May.


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