If you are looking for waves, Rhode Island is one of the best places on the east coast to find them. As far as Southern New England is concerned, Rhode Island gets a huge amount of surf. There are two surf zones in the state, Narragansett and Newport. Narragansett Bay separates the two zones, and a toll bridge connects them.

Best Beaches in Rhode Island for Waves

If you are headed to Rhode Island for some surf and waves, there are several beaches you won’t want to miss. But these beaches on your sight-seeing, surfing schedule:

Surfing Safely in Rhode Island

If you are going to hit the surf, you want to do so safely. The beach areas can become quite crowded. The water is pretty cold year-round here, so make sure you have the right wetsuit. In extremely cold weather, frostbite is possible. The bottoms of the beach are rock and can result in broken boards and bones on occasion. One serious concern in Narragansett Town Beach is a sunken barge in the middle. It has jagged, rusty edges and also causes strong, dangerous currents when there is heavy surf. Marine growth and black moss cover many of the rocks, making them extremely slippery.

Block Island Rentals makes enjoying the beaches and surf in Rhode Island easy. They are beautiful, and a variety of accommodations are available.


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