Ballard’s offers lobster 13 ways!

It’s not summer without lobster…not that I would only eat lobster in the summer because that is just crazy! I eat lobster year round.  It just seems like during the summer my lobster consumption increases – by a lot.  I feel like I search high and low for lobster rolls, steamed lobster and any other way a chef may decide to present lobster all summer long.  At Ballard’s – it is lobster 13 ways and I love all the choices!

My personal favorite is a steamed succulent lobster served with real melted butter.  That’s it.  That is all I need.  Butter and steamed lobster.  It’s perfect.


But I have to say, sitting on Ballard’s Beach on a hot July day I then have to think if a traditional New England Lobster Roll served with a side of French Fries (or their amazing onion rings), a “Naked” Lobster Roll (which is lobster sautéed in butter and served on a roll) or a chilled shellfish platter with a whole cold lobster are better choices for my beach chair.  These are three amazing choices (out of 13).  All are simply perfection at Ballard’s with a server who will deliver any choice right to my beach chair.  What will wash that down best? An ice cold Corona? A margarita? A cute little cocktail in a pineapple? It all sounds great!

At the end of my beach day at Ballard’s, I could also find myself hungry again and pulling up a chair with friends at their outside beachfront dining area.  Now comes the real decision.  The menu has lobster 13 ways! What shall I pick? Lobster steamed, twin lobsters steamed, lobster and steak, lobster and pasta, baked stuffed lobster, lobster roll….you get the picture – right? If you are looking for lobster this summer come to Ballard’s because truly Only Ballard’s Has It All!


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