Get your Jimmy Buffett on and head over to Ballard’s and enjoy that (cheese)burger in paradise!

Remember when it was the dead of winter and you were daydreaming about the summer, sitting at the beach, and just enjoying life? Well, summer is halfway gone, and you better grab that bull by the horns!

Ballard’s oceanfront dining serves up the juiciest burgers…bar none. There’s nothing quite like taking that first bite into the hot and freshly grilled patty loaded with your favorite toppings. Personally, I love mine overflowing…don’t hold back on that crisp, cool lettuce, bright, ripe tomato and spicy onion for a kick. And my Ballard’s burgers always have mayo on them. (It’s the secret to a truly sublime burger experience.) But hey, that’s just me. Your Ballard’s burger is just that…yours. Order it any way you want.

But wait! The toppings don’t stop there. I’m not forgetting about you cheeseburger lovers, as I’m one of those, too. Want to kick it up a notch and go big? How about bacon…and onion rings right on that juicy patty? Get ready for burger Nirvana, people. Ballard’s is serving bliss on a platter.  I could wax poetic about this delicious choice, but the truth is, Ballard’s can make your burger any way you want, and it’s perfection every time.

As every burger should not be left alone on a plate, Ballard’s always serves it up with a generous portion of golden, delicious fries.  Grab your favorite drink, and now you’re ready to go…where..? How about the outdoor patio overlooking the beautiful Atlantic? You’re at Ballard’s, after all, and oceanfront dining here truly is a bit of paradise in New England. There’s nothing quite like the experience of enjoying a scrumptious meal and a refreshing drink while surrounded by the sights and sounds of the ocean.

And hey, I may be a burger lover, but it’s OK if you’re not, Ballard’s won’t hold it against you. There’s an entire menu of enticing entrees to choose from. Keep it light with a salad, enjoy some seafood (lobster 13 ways!), or a simple but always delicious sandwich. No matter what your favorite dish is, enjoy it in paradise at Ballard’s.


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