Grab a spoon: Ballard’s wins ‘Best Chowder’ bragging rights

Grab a spoon Ballard's wins 'Best Chowder' bragging rights

NEW SHOREHAM, R.I. — Already known for serving Lobster 13 Ways and its festive pineapple drinks, Ballard’s can now add “Best Chowder” to list of many reasons why the iconic oceanfront resort is THE premier beach party destination. Ballard’s recently took top honors at the 2019 BIMI ChowdaFest, beating out Winfield’s, McAloon’s and all the … Read more

A Dedicated Team Provides a Memorable Experience at Ballard’s & Hotel Manisses


Block Island Entertainment is the most innovative hospitality company, priding ourselves on our guest-centric core values while employing the most highly qualified staff who love to come to work each day and spoil our guests. Both Ballard’s and Hotel Manisses, sister properties of Block Island Entertainment, shine as premiere Block Island destinations. The dedicated efforts of … Read more

Organic Banana Mudslide at Ballard’s is Oh So Delicious!


As the summer flies by, capture a bit of the tropics in New England with an Organic Banana Mudslide at Ballard’s. Ah, summer on Block Island…amazing weather, spectacular views, the golden sandy beaches. And of course, the cocktails! There’s no better place on Block Island to capture the essence of summer than Ballard’s. And there’s … Read more

A Burger in Paradise at Ballard’s Oceanfront Dining


Get your Jimmy Buffett on and head over to Ballard’s and enjoy that (cheese)burger in paradise! Remember when it was the dead of winter and you were daydreaming about the summer, sitting at the beach, and just enjoying life? Well, summer is halfway gone, and you better grab that bull by the horns! Ballard’s oceanfront dining … Read more

A Flaming Coffee Offers a Show at Hotel Manisses


Experience the dramatic presentation and flavor of a Flaming Coffee at Hotel Manisses. Block Island offers many unique experiences for both first-time visitors and those returning year after year. After a long day spent exploring the island and having fun, head over to the Hotel Manisses Lobby Bar for a festive way to end the … Read more

Manisses Restaurant Presents a Chef Inspired Menu


The culinary offerings at the Manisses Restaurant are coupled with impeccable and intimate service to create a unique dining experience. Guests of the Hotel Manisses can expect greatness in many arenas. The completely renovated property, for example, and the five-star service are just a few of the features that have people talking. But when it comes to … Read more

Lobster 13 Ways


Ballard’s offers lobster 13 ways! It’s not summer without lobster…not that I would only eat lobster in the summer because that is just crazy! I eat lobster year round.  It just seems like during the summer my lobster consumption increases – by a lot.  I feel like I search high and low for lobster rolls, … Read more

Beach It In Style

Ballard's VIP Cabana rentals for 12 people feature a VIP Cabana, 4 beach lounge chairs, 4 beach chairs, a table, and 4 regulars chairs.